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What's up everyone?!?!?! My birth name is Elizabeth but most of my friends and family call me Liz. I'm from good old Iowa and have lived here all of my life. I am a very outgoing fun loving gal. I'm the type to be up for anything and i LOVE to laugh! My dream is to get my very own hog... not the animal hog but a Harley hog and I can now say that this dream has finally been achieved!!!! There is nothing like the feeling of hitting the pavement with the wind blowin' your hair a mess. You get to see and experience so much. No air condition, no radio, the wind in your hair, watch out for those bugs they can give ya a lil sting when they hit ya at 70mph. Elvis Presley once said Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine! I love that saying... Well stay tuned to hear some of my experiences and stories from the wide open highway! Always remember keep the paint up and the rubber down : )

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rustic Boot Company

     Well my lil sis is finally following her dream :) She has been into blogging forever and is so great and talented at it. She now has opened her own online store and is starting to get some great products in. So what is a proud sister to do but help promote the crap out of it! I have already bought a shirt & pretty sure i want to get about 1 of everything that she has for sale so far! Well enough of me going on & on, i'll let you check it out for yourselves!

And here is her shop: http://www.rusticbootcompany.com/

She is just getting it going and there will be more stuff to come so STAY TUNED!!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013


    Saturday morning I had to run a few errands and what better way to do it then on my motorcycle :) I know its not safe and I was nervous taking these but they turned out pretty good. Here are a couple pic's you might enjoy :)
Headin down the highway... Looking for adventure!

This is a reflection from my headlight of me riding! LOVE this one :)

Sturgis 2013

      Well this year i was able to finally make it to Sturgis! It was a pretty good time :) We stayed at The Legendary Buffalo Chip. It was ok, it was nice that we got to see some pretty cool bands/artists at night. We camped in tents and the campground was ok but man we are used to Algona. Algona is all loud, wild and hard to sleep. I think our group of 13 were the loudest group there! I think we made a few neighbors mad but hey we are at a bike rally :) It wasn't to bad. We did a ton of riding and got to see some very pretty scenery. I could almost move there! We did Spearfish canyon, Needles Highway, went to Deadwood, The Stone house saloon, Hewlett WY, stopped at Wahl Drug & went through the badlands on the way home too. Im sure there were other spots we hit too but hard to list everything that we did. Here are a few pic of our trip :)
Well when we first pulled up we saw this dude... Paul Sr!!!

The Chip

Kid Rock was AMAZING!!! And it rained/poured on us & he kept singing!

Spearfish Canyon

Some lake that was pretty cool :) This is the whole group.

My man & I at the lake

Needles Highway - Rode it :)

Toby Keith - He did ok but didnt really put on much of a show :(

Devils Tower - all of the bikes in the group

The Stone House Saloon

People have signed all over in this house so i had to add us to the mix :)

BEST show of the week Rob Zombie! This is Sick Bubblegum

Saw all the bikes in this Bike show.

Brantley Gilbert

Lynyad Skynard

And this is a shirt i saw that sums up about every bike rally we go to! LOL LOVE IT :)

We had a great time with some great friends! Dont think we will go every year but i could go about every 3-4 years :) The scenery was so amazing! I loved just looking around at it and taking Gods creation in :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Girls Night

Well last night my friend Kimi & decided to venture out together on our bikes just the two of us. What a great night. It was SOOO much fun just us gals on our motorcycles hitting the town. She has had her bike for about a year and then as u know i just got mine about a month ago. So now we can just ride if we want. We have a whole group of guy friends that have bikes but sometimes its nice to just hit the road with your girl! We went out to a bar called Buschwackers, it is a country bar but outside in the back they fenced it off and made a nice outdoor arena/beer garden/concert area. They call the outdoor part the Steele Horse Watering Hole. Love the name :) On this steel horse i ride... LOL like the song ;) Then we headed back a little closer to home & met up with my cousin and a little bar called Rodeo. It is also a country bar. It has some really cool decor. The bar stools are actual horse saddles, they can get a little uncomfortable but its still a good time. Here is a pic of us from last night.
From the left: myself, cousin Brittany & Kimi
Although the bar was pretty dead we chatted up the nice bartendress gal & just carried on among ourselves :) It was nice to saddle up with the gals LOL

Thursday, July 18, 2013


     Well i have been riding my bike for about 4 weeks now. I have come across a few things that i really enjoy about it and a few that really BUG me...
Lets get the bad over with... Well i do not have a windshield and that doesn't bother me but man those bugs can really hurt when ya hit them. I have gotten pelted quite a few times and once it even made my cheek bleed a lil, not a lot just a tiny lil scratch. I guess my worst bug story so far would be from last Sunday. We were out for a ride and i was following my boyfriend and am trying to get better at staying closer to him. Well all of the sudden a bug of decent size flew up my nose then proceeded down my throat! I instantly started gagging and about puked. I was trying to spit the son of a gun out and everything. We get to a stop sign i put my bike in neutral and told him just a sec with drool & slobber all over my cheek and shoulder proceed to try to puke the lil bugar up! He just starts laughing at me and asks what happened. Oh that was horrible and hope it never happens again! Then yesterday i rode my bike to work for the first time. I work in the big city of Omaha, NE. I was a little nervous but i did pretty darn good if i do say so myself :) Well on my way home (about a 45 min. trip home) i was just about home and was cresting a hill when a dumb bird flew right in my path, thank God it just hit my headlight & handlebar area and fell off to the ground. I about freaked out! I'm glad it didn't hit my body or face or something, i would have really freaked out! LOL Well those are actually the only two gripes i have. I know you all are pry just going to tell me i need a windshield LOL, but it ain't cool LOL ;) I will invest in one eventually im sure :)
Now for what i LOVE about riding. I just love the sound of my pipes, the wind in my face, the freedom you feel when you ride, the thrill of the ride, the funny looks you get because i am a girl riding a bigger bike lol, and the anticipation in every turn or swerve of the road. Some might think i don't know what im talking about and frankly i don't care once you ride your own then you will understand. I guess you gotta live by this:

So don't fear dying fear not living and this is how im living.... Let's Ride :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

My New Baby!

Ok i know what you all are thinking... OMG is she prego, does she have a bun in the oven?!?!? The answer to that is HECK NO! LOL ha ha ha Not that i'm opposed to one day but sure as heck not now LOL! So here is comes.... Drum roll please......

I finally have my own bike! As in hog, sled, scooter, iron horse... MOTORCYCLE! Not just "a" motorcycle, a HARLEY DAVIDSON 2006 Soft tail Springer! Oh man i am SO beyond pumped and just want to ride everyday but that is not always possible :( When i bought it there were only 8,043 miles on it, its like brand new! Since i have had it the last 3 weeks i have put over 1,000 miles on it! I even have done my first long trip. We went to the Algona Iowa Freedom Rally. Its about 4 hours away from home :) I think i did pretty darn good :)

Well now to get out there and put many more miles on my new iron horse :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Busy Busy Busy....

Hey there everyone! I am so sorry that i have not posted anything for the last few months... Well actually since last August! OMG can't believe that it has been that long!!!! I am horrible :(

Well i will try to do a quick summery of the last few months.... Not much has really went on except one thing. Beginning of December we found out my mom had 2 tumors on her brain. We were first told that she had brain cancer! After further tests we found out the were no cancerous and a relatively easy surgery. It was still not an easy journey. We had noticed something was not right with mom for a little while now. She was not communicating very well especially for only being 59 so we took her to the doctor and he ordered a MRI. That was on a Thurday she had her MRI on Friday and right after the MRI the guy told us to go to her doctors office he was expecting us. That is when we were told about her tumors. He admitted her right then. There was a ton of swelling in her brain from the tumors which was causing her communication problems. He gave her some stuff to help reduce the swelling and she was scheduled for surgery for Monday... She was all prepped for surgery they took her down and ended up having to reschedule until Wednesday (12/12/12) because the machine they used wasn't working. So we just had to wait some more. Well the surgery went great she ended up having to stay in the hospital for about another week then was released to go home. Man it was like night & day after her surgery. Mom was back to normal, well almost. Her speech had gotten a lot worse but the doctor said it would get worse before it got better. Each day it got better and better though. It has now been 6 months and mom is back to work full time she had her 60th birthday in February and has totally the same old mom as she was a year ago! I am so thankful for that!